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6 Tips to keep your pets safe at home and on the road
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Pets are part of the family.  They rely on you for food, affection and security.  Whether you own a dog or cat, or love meeting new furry friends in the neighborhood, follow these safety tips. 

If you’re a pet owner:

  • Be attentive to your animals behavior.  If you see them in a stressful situation with overexcited children or animals, give them a place to retreat.
  • Consider a car safety harness or carrier to protect your pet when traveling.  This will help in case of a crash and prevent them from hitting others in the vehicle.
  • Protect them from the heat.  Don’t leave your pet in the car during summer.  Even if the windows are open, the temperature can increase rapidly.  Make sure they have plenty of water and shade, and if you exercise your pet, do it in the cool parts of the day to avoid heat stress.

If you’re approaching a new pet:

  • Ask the owner before going near the animal you don’t know. Some dogs and cats aren’t friendly to new people.
  • Use a quiet voice and make sure the animal sees you before reaching out to pet it.
  • Don’t disturb animals while they’re sleeping or eating



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